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    1. X10 SR751 Smart RF (Radio Frequency) Repeater Module

      ITEM #: 1075
      The RF Smart Repeater increases the range of X10 security and home automation productssuch as wireless remote controls, motion detectors, and security sensors, that operate at 310MHz, by boosting and retransmitting their RF signals

      $37.99    $35.76

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    2. Minotaur Engineering TR16 X10 Touchtone Phone Controller

      ITEM #: 71926
      Remotely control heating, cooling, lighting, and more with Minotaur Engineering's TR16 X10 Touchtone Phone Controller.


    3. Smartenit 5010N ZBPLM - ZigBee/INSTEON/X10 Interface

      ITEM #: 32479
      ZigBee, INSTEON, and X10 interface expands your home automation network for even more complete automation control.

      $119.99    $117.63

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    4. X10 PAT01 X10 Signal Converter and 16 Device RF Base

      ITEM #: 4005X
      Receives all 16 X10 addresses on one housecode from any X10 compatible RF remote. Works with X10 Ir remote controls. Built in appliance module responds to unit code 1 or 9. Newly improved model features X10 collision detection!

      $39.99    $38.22

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    5. X10 TM751 Compact X10 Plug-In RF Receiver Base

      ITEM #: 4002
      This multiple device RF base works with X10's line of RF remote controls and PIR motion sensors. Wireless X10 devices need this base unit to catch the radio signals and convert them to X10 signals on the electricity line.

      $24.99    $22.43

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    6. X10 CM17A FireCracker Computer Interface Module

      ITEM #: 1141
      Have direct control over any X10-compatible lamp or appliance modules in your home automation system.

      $26.99    $20.22

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    Items 1 - 6 of 6

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